Workboxes #1

Friday, 30 September 2016

I have been feeling guilty that I am not able to spend as much time on teaching Small J. He is 3 years old but he still doesn't know his colours, letters or numbers. He will be going to nursery next year, and being a kiasu mum, I hope he will at least know some of these concepts when he starts school. 

I have decided to start homelearning with him and hopefully he will love this as much as playing with his trains, cars and balls. 

Part of my plan is to set up workboxes for him to work on. We call it playboxes instead. These will mainly focus on fine motor skills which is so important for preschoolers. Another plan for these workboxes is for Big J to fine tune his fine motor skills. Unfortunately, Big J has some issues with his fine motor skills and so he really needs a lot of practice. 

Here are our first workboxes:

Inserting Small Counters Into Slots

This is a very simple one. He will need to insert the small counters into the slots on the box. The box was actually wrapped and each slot has a colour to match to the counters. But the boys ripped out the wrapper before I could take a proper photo. The counters are from Amazon.

Sorting Items By Size

That particular week we were learning the words 大, 中, 小 during our Chinese lesson, so I set up this basket of stuffs for the boys to sort according to size.

Blocks Counting On Truck

The template of the truck is from The Measured Mom. This is one of my favourite educational website for learning resources. The blocks are from Amazon. The boys will need to pick a number and load the required number of blocks onto the truck. Big J is working on numbers to 20 and Small J is working on numbers to 5.

Screwing Bottle Caps

I prepared 5 bottles of different sizes and the kids need to match the bottles to the correct caps and screw them on. I thought this is will be a very easy task, but I realised that Small J is not screwing the caps the correct way. Instead of turning the cap to close the bottle, he turn the bottle. 

Sorting By Letters

This box was set up with Big J in mind. He knows all the letter sounds and totally breezes through this. For Small J, we only did one letter at a time and I say the name of the pictures with emphasis on the beginning sound for him. You may get this from The Measured Mom again.

Waterplay With Gems

We also did a waterplay with glass gems and plastic pebbles. The boys scooping, tonging, pouring, counting with these. I am glad that the boys are better in controlling themselves while doing waterplay. Instead of splashing and pouring the water all over the floor, they are now able to sit and play nicely.

For those interested, the dark blue glass gems are from ArtFriend and the light blue ones are from Daiso.

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My Little Giant @ BigBox (Indoor Playground)

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Hooray for those living in the west! A new indoor playground has just recently popped up at Jurong East. Located at BigBox, My Little Giant is the latest indoor playground that has just opened.

My Little Gym has announced their official pricing, Check out the end of the post for the fees structure. 

Since it is newly opened, My Little Giant is offering a special opening rate - $12 for Monday to Thursday and $16 for Friday to Sunday, Public Holidays and Eve of Public Holidays. Children below 3 years old pay half price. I would say that the price is very reasonable. And the best part? It is unlimited playtime on all days!! This promotion is valid till 30 September 2016, so do check it out quickly!!

We checked out the place and the boys definitely had a wonderful time. There are 3 levels of play with lots of activities for everyone. I said everyone because not only the boys, Daddy J and me enjoyed the playground too. Parents however, have to be prepared to walk bending down or kneeling down if you want to climb the structure with your kids.

Kids Arcade Entertainment Centre

As with all indoor playground, before we can jump into play, we need to remove our shoes. The shoes area is just beside the playground.

As we walked towards to shoes area, we saw something like an arcade for the kids. There were some game machines, ride-ons, a carousel and a train. There are also some excavators which is like those from Diggersite. However, these are not included in the tickets to My Little Giant. You will need to pay separately for these.

Ball Pit

After settling our shoes, we proceed to the entrance. Before entering, we were given a tag which can be used for re-entry.

Upon entering, the first thing we saw was the ball pit. This is every child's favourite. Leading to the ball pit is the big white slide (more about this later).

At one end of the ball pit, there is this structure that blows air out of the holes. The boys were fascinated to see the balls floating and trying to hit and catch them as they fly.

Of course, lying down in the ball pit is a must-to-do!

The Big White Slide

At the other end of the ball pit, is the big slide which starts from the third level of the play structure. A word of warning, this is not for the faint-hearted. Although, it doesn't seem very high, it is very slippery and it goes very fast! I went a few rounds with the boys and I felt quite frightened as I sit waiting for our turn to go. However, I really enjoyed the ride down. Another word of caution, do make sure that there is enough balls at the bottom of the slide to cushion your fall before you slide. Small J went once and hit his head on the slide at the bottom because there wasn't enough balls to cushion as he slides down.

The plus point is they have two staffs to tend this station. One at the top to control the queue and one at the bottom to push the balls to the slide.

Big J was initially very reluctant to go on the slide as he thought it is very scary. The very friendly and helpful staff actually slide down together with him for quite a few rounds!

At the end, he was able to slide down himself with the help of the sliding sack. In his words, this sack helps to protect him.

Toddler Area

As we move further into the play structure, there is an open area for younger children. There are some rocking horses, see-saws, car ride-on and mini gym balls for the little ones to play. Do note that this area is quite dark as this is the most bottom level of the play structure and is not as bright as the photos showed.

The open area is shown in the background of this photo. The ball pit is at the far right corner and the trampoline is on the left. The rest is open space and stairs that lead to the second level.


In the far corner of level 1 of the play structure is a trampoline. Jump, jump, jump!!

Climb Climb Climb

Proceeding to the next two levels, this is where all the climbing starts. Parents, be prepared of lots of back-bending exercise! There are lots of climbing up stairs, through obstacles and tunnels.

Bounce Bounce

Ok, I have no idea what is the name of this structure. Let's call it bounce bounce. Children can sit on it and bounce away.

Air Guns

Also located on the second level, are the air guns. If I remember correctly, there are about 8 or 9 air guns. What I like about this the balls are shot at an enclosed area so we don't have to worry about flying balls hitting us. However, the downside is, the balls are mostly stuck in the middle of the net and there are not much balls at the side of the net for us to take. I also feel that the guns are positioned too high or perhaps these are meant for older kids?

Small Slides

If your kids can't take the big slide, there are also some smaller slides which they can try. These are located at level three of the play structure and are safer for younger children. Apart from these two, there is also a spiral tunnel slide which I didn't managed to take a photo of.

Mini Train

Located on level 3 is a mini train. Your child will need to turn the handle in a cycling manner to drive the train. Unfortunately, the handle is quite difficult to turn and requires lots of strength. As you can see from Small J's expression, he is using all his strength trying to drive the train.


Considering the promotional price, My Little Giant is definitely worthwhile to visit! There are lots of fun activities to occupy the kids and they had so much fun! Not forgetting that it is for unlimited playtime, weekends included! We played for about 5 hours and took a lunch break in between. As the place is new, everything is new and clean! The staffs were also very friendly and helpful. We will definitely be back again.

Here's a video of the boys in action.

Fee Structure

Unlimited playtime on all days!! I would suggest to go on a weekday as it is cheaper and less crowded!!

My Little Giant

Location: BigBox, 1 Venture Avenue, Singapore 608521
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

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Shopping At Agape Babies

Friday, 2 September 2016

If you are a soon-to-be mom or a mom with kids, you should bookmark Agape Babies right now. With over 250 brands and more than 6,000 products, Agape Babies is your one-stop online shopping portal to get all your baby and mommy needs. 

Two years ago, I did a similar review of Agape Babies. Since then, they have further expanded their line of products to include more brands and products. From milk powder, diapers, organic food, toiletries, baby gears, books, toys to mommies' needs, you can find anything you need for babies and moms. They have also included popular brands such as Jujube and 3M

The products are nicely categorized so you can find the things you need easily. If you already have something in mind, you can key the item name into the search box to find it easily. For those who shop frequently on mobile, their mobile optimized site is very user-friendly and feels like an app. 

Shopping on Agape Babies is easy and fuss-free. The only headache you might have is there are so many things to choose from! Spot something you like? You can add the item to cart directly and then continue shopping. Or you can also see the item details when you click on the item you are interested in. 

Once you have finished shopping, payment is a breeze too. Just click to view your cart and you can proceed to checkout. 

The checkout process is super fast too - just one step! This is unlike other online shopping portal which brings you different pages before finally paying. On Agape Babies, you fill in your address, shipping method and payment method all in one page.

After doing some internet banking verification, your purchase is done! Now, sit back and wait for your items to be delivered.

Delivery is very fast too. They strive to get your order delivered the next working day*! (Terms and conditions apply. Check here for more details.) How efficient is that! No more worries about running out of milk powder, milk bags, spoil spare parts, etc. If you spend more than $80, you can enjoy free courier delivery service. 

If you don't wish to pay for delivery or when you need your items very urgently, you can choose to self collect at 3 convenient location points - Newton, Sengkang and Old Airport Road. More details here

I placed my order on Thursday night after the boys are asleep. (That's the advantage of online shopping. I'm able to shop in the comfort of my house, munching on some snacks while browsing around.) Since this is considered a Friday order, I thought I will only be able to receive my items after the weekends. But I received a notification that delivery will be on Saturday! Hurry for presents arriving earlier! The delivering company also sent SMS notifications informing that they will be doing the delivery on that day. And true enough, my parcel arrived on Saturday morning.

Unboxing time...

Here are what I have gotten. A puzzle for Small J because he's recently very into puzzles. More Letterland books for Big J because we really like the Letterland series. I am also hoping to start teaching Small J the letter sounds using Letterland soon. 


First time customers get $10 OFF or 10% OFF, a FREE gift (Choose either Mustela Trial Kit OR 1 tin of Bellamy’s Organic Milk Formula Stage 2 400gm) and next day delivery on their first purchase. Terms and Conditions apply. Check here for more information.

Discount Code

Quote 'thejsarena5%' to enjoy 5% discount on your purchases. Kindly note that it excludes milk, diapers, wipes, Medela breastpumps, JuJuBe, sale and clearance categories. This code is valid from 2 Sep 2016 till 23 Sep 2016.

Agape Babies

Web | Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer: We received some shopping credits from Agape Babies for the purpose of this review. I paid for the excess out of my own pocket. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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